Welcome to your body…

…I’d like to invite you to have a deeper relationship.

Hello and thanks for visiting my website. Here is where I tell you why I’m the best practitioner of bodywork for you and why you should pay me to heal you.

Truth is, it is YOU who decides if you are going to heal or not. It’s YOUR body. You know you need to take care of it. And only you will know the best way how. I am here as a resource to help you in this endeavor.

Make no mistake: I will not provide you with a way to escape. I only promise to provide comfort and expertise in body care as you heal yourself with my massage service.


Hey there (for the first time)

This is my first blog entry to get the ball rolling. In time I will publish articles on self-care, reasons for getting massage in your life, health and nutrition, cutting edge methods of healing, and updates and new learnings in my professional journey.

Please stay tuned and get to know me as a practitioner and a person. I am here for you and this is one of the ways I can help you with some of the information I’ve learned as a bodyworker.

During your massage, I try to keep the talking to a minimum – this blog is a way for me to wax on about all the things I really want to tell you during your massage but cannot due to the buzzkill factor of just yapping too much as a practitioner at the table.

Thank you for reading 😉