Regarding Covid-19 and Massage

The Washington State Department of Health allows for the massage treatment of only acute pain and severe disorders.

Most of my clients have opted to stay home under quarantine. I miss them! Seeing people regularly to help them heal their bodies is rewarding. I hope they are staying sane and emotionally stable as they stay in.

My sanitation protocols are high. It’s also required of us treatment bodyworkers to wear a mask while working with clients. And just a couple weeks ago, we were informed that we should be at the ready with photo ID and our massage licenses for possible impromptu inspection.

Not a problem. It’s all covered.

What I can’t do is see anyone who’s not in some serious pain, or physical need of treatment until things open back up.

Give me a call or email and we’ll evaluate your need for treatment.

Till then, you may contact me for questions, concerns or consultation. I might be able to help you figure some things out about your body/pain and give you some experienced professional advice and guidance.

If you’re looking to get your Groupon voucher redeemed, contact me. I will honor the vouchers that have been purchased before this post’s date when the stay home order had been lifted.

In the meantime, drink water, stretch and be compassionate towards yourself and those close to you.

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