My new massage space in Maple Leaf

A client yesterday was saying this covid thing seems to have entered an attrition phase. It might not kill you but it might just grind and grind and grind you down till there’s nothing but a sad little stress-ball that’s left of you.


What a happy post this is already… 😂

Let’s turn this around: MY NEW OFFICE!

It’s so beautiful! My new neighbors are all healers and they all have the best vibe.

The building is full of air filters and has a mask requirement. Everyone keeps to the code. Must follow the code 😊🙏

I have an air filter blasting in my little corner office on the 3rd floor. And as always; my housekeeping and sanitizing protocols are top notch.

Is it safe? 😟

It’s definitely as safe as we can make it.

So if you’re on the fence about getting some work from me, this information might help. I take your health and safety seriously and so does everyone in my building.

Don’t let the covid world grind you down. If this is a war of attrition, then make sure that you* win it with excellent self-care. Get the bodywork you need to de-stress and unwind your tight body parts.

I’m here to help 💜

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