Tinnitus and craniosacral

Recently I’ve heard some folks complaining about an increase in tinnitus after getting their covid vaccination.

There’s also a higher likelihood of tinnitus when one is stressed.

Whatever reason it could be that is causing tinnitus, Craniosacral can help.

Depending on what’s causing the ringing in the ears, craniosacral can sometimes cure it, in many cases reduce it and if craniosacral doesn’t seem to touch it, there’s at least a real reduction in stress.

It’s also important to remember to give craniosacral a chance to work! It’s hard to get an injury cured in just one visit of a healing practitioner.

With craniosacral, the pressure isn’t deep and the bodywork isn’t movement-based like classic swedish massage. There can be an expectation of needing to feel something – like soreness from deep tissue bodywork – after the session to feel like it “did something.”

But with Craniosacral, there’s often no feelings or sensations of manipulation afterwards. In fact, the more skilled and effective the cranio is that you received… the less you feel after the session.

You just feel better.

Rested. Calmer. More resourced. And your pain is likely reduced and your whole body much more mobile. It can be subtle.

Add up the deep pervasive effects of craniosacral work you receive over time, and you’ll find you actually have greater capacity to deal with any stress, recover from any hard workout or injury quicker and you’ll feel better in your body for a longer and longer amount of time.

Craniosacral is truly amazing. One must give it a chance to do it’s work in the body.

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