Stress relief massage

Last week was brutal.

My heart aches, my weariness seems to go all the way down to my soul.

It seems trite to say massage will help in times of great stress. Especially when it’s just in writing that I’m trying to tell you about an experience of being held on a massage table and getting that care; that care which seems to touch that ache in the soul… And relieve it.

People have told me since before I graduated from massage school: horror stories of going into a massage with great expectations only to be misunderstood, given too much pressure, not gotten work on the place you asked for, been injured, talked at so much you couldn’t relax, or (what I think is probably the worst) being come on to or given inappropriate intimate touch.

If you, dear reader, have experienced any of these, on behalf of my entire industry: I am truly truly sorry.

I can only promise that after 20 years of massage practice, I know these things happen and I will not make you suffer them at my table.

Getting a massage is an intimate professional experience that should be mentally and emotionally comforting.

There’s so much pain in the world. My own life isn’t perfect all the time and I hurt as well. I know how important it is to get care from someone I can trust to make it about me when I’m on their table.

I can only offer a promise to be there for you; to listen and protect you while you’re in my care. I will empower you to direct me and to tell me to stop when you need me to at any time for any reason. And I will always honor your feelings when painful stuff or sensitive emotions bubble to the surface.

The session is for healing. The sessions are for you to unwind and get what you need to make you feel better.

I am deeply committed to giving you the best care.

You deserve that from your massage therapist.

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