Ending Online Booking June 1st, 2023

I’ve been described as archaic.

And I am.

I have given online booking a fair shot for about a year. There were things I liked. But I’m sorry to say, there are reasons I cannot continue to provide online scheduling.

Massage is an intimate and yet professional service. It’s important to get a real live conversation with my clients before I book them. Think about it: would you want to touch a complete stranger without first talking to them? I’d assume not. It’s important to know what my new clients expect from massage.

It’s often in my first conversation with a perspective client, that I ascertain whether they expect experienced injury treatment, relaxing swedish… or a happy ending with a casual grope of my breast.

Another good reason for me to end online scheduling is most of my regular clients know I restrict access to my availability online so they know up to book with me personally.

And finally, the main reason for ending the ability to schedule with me online: time is truly the most valuable thing any one of us possess.

Call me archaic, but I need people to connect with me… Really Fucking Connect With Me… Before I give them my most precious commodity… Not to mention probably the best massage they’ll ever experience (but I’m biased)

I do not want this to deter you from booking with me. I have to accept some of y’all will* be turned off by this. I accept that.

If you’re not comfortable talking with me on the phone, it’s ok to text or email me. But do* expect me to ask for your name and what you’re hoping to find with your massage session.

If you can do that, I will send you my available openings, and I’ll have you pick 2 different times that you’d prefer (just in case a few other requests for appointments get filled before you get back to me)

I am archaic. But I’m a very good massage therapist after 23 years of practice. I hope you give me a shot to prove I’m worth all these old-school protocols.

In health,


Sierra Faye Kennedy LMT

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