Welcome to your body…

Your First Visit

Welcome to your body…
I’d like to invite you to have a deeper relationship with your body. If you’re healthy or mostly healthy, and don’t have too many chronic movement issues, I’m glad. If you are coming in for a tune-up, and want to relieve the daily and weekly stresses of life, great. If you want to establish an ongoing relationship to deal with chronic health problems, I’m here for you.
After you schedule your first visit, and we find out that we have a good working chemistry, I hope we develop the type of relationship that leads to greater wellness for you.

The truth is this – you decide if you’re going to heal or not. When you listen to your body, it tells you what it needs and what will help to heal it. Our bodies are wise that way. Only you know the best path for you.

I’m here to help you and make your healing path work for you, but make no mistake, I won’t provide you with a way to escape. I do promise to provide comfort and expertise in body care as you heal yourself with my massage service. Being present and aware in our bodies can be one of the vital joys of life.

When we honor our bodies through connecting with healers, we are able to do the things we want to – without stress and with a centered sense of self that we can feel in the core of our beings.

Why the Hamsa?

I know.

I’m not Indian.

Why am I using a hamsa for my business motif?

Well, I’ll tell you. But first, a story:

I was out dancing on night not too long ago, shortly after I had my new cards printed. I ran to the 7-11 to get some gum and noticed the clerk was an Indian fellow. I had my new cards with me in my small wallet. I found myself scared to allow the clerk a glimpse of the hamsa on my business cards so I turned them face down.

Riddled with shame, I went back to the dance club and confessed my guilt to my boyfriend. I exclaimed “Nathan! How could I have been so *dense* when I was designing my marketing materials as to *not* consider the cultural impact using a popular sacred Indian symbol would have when I’m some white lady using it?!!!”

He understood my fears but told me “Maybe it’s not as bad as you think.”

Later that night we were cooling off outside and he noticed a young Indian man having friendly animated conversation with a friend of ours. Nathan told me “Ask him! See if he’s offended by your business card.”

So I engaged the young man. Come to find out he was not offended. He told me there might be some who will be offended but he was pretty sure they would be the minority.

I was relieved.

Because I put quite a bit of thought in to my business logo.

I’ve been practicing massage for long enough to feel I have the right to put a hand-looking object on my business card because, let’s face it; a hand-type logo for a massage business is like a big fat marketing “Duh” and I feel it’s ok to be really obvious about what I do in business.

Beyond my flippant massage veteran’s pride and entitlement, I really *do* love the hamsa.

I love the many beautiful ways it’s depicted. I love it’s meaning. I love how it’s used. The deeper meanings of the hamsa are the kinds of energies I wish to evoke in the flow of my business. The hamsa hand is for good health, good fortune, happiness and good luck! It is a symbol known as “the healing hand!”

The eye in the hamsa is about protection against bad health, bad luck and “the malicious stare” of those who would wish me harm. (Which I need because I am human: I have made mistakes and I continue to make mistakes that sometimes upset people. And while I very deeply honor their negative feelings and reactions towards me, I must call forth peace between us and honor my promises to behave with greater wisdom and care in the future)

The hamsa you see in this blog and on my business cards was purchased on Shutterstock. My brilliant marketing genius Hannah Rames tweeked the image and made it my business motif.

So there you have it. That is why I use the hamsa as my business logo.

LinkedIn Outreach

Today I sent invitations to connect with a large amount of people on LinkedIn.

I hope the people I touched with that mass-emailing are feeling good about their lives.

I am grateful to have such wonderful people within reach.

May you all be in comfort and peace today.

Hey there (for the first time)

This is my first blog entry to get the ball rolling. In time I will publish articles on self-care, reasons for getting massage in your life, health and nutrition, cutting edge methods of healing, and updates and new learnings in my professional journey.

Please stay tuned and get to know me as a practitioner and a person. I am here for you and this is one of the ways I can help you with some of the information I’ve learned as a bodyworker.

During your massage, I try to keep the talking to a minimum – this blog is a way for me to wax on about all the things I really want to tell you during your massage but cannot due to the buzzkill factor of just yapping too much as a practitioner at the table.

Thank you for reading 😉