Sometimes You Have To Admit to yourself that you are, in Fact, Injured

I’ve been practicing massage for 21 years, living for 42 … and I gotta say: people in fuckin denial about their injuries.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s everyone who does this. There are those of us who are self-care knowledgeable enough to admit to the broken arm or admit to having the constant pain, which then, in turn, definitely needs to be addressed, like now.

But most of us are going to sit in that denial for a while when we’re freshly/acutely Injured, and we’re gonna go ahead and keep going on with our lives like nothing even happened.

Until the injury gets worse.

And worse.

And then secondary injuries start happening cuz we won’t stop.

And then BOOM

You’re incapacitated and laying in bed – forced to deal with the fact that you fuckin pushed it and now you have to pay for your dumbass mistakes.

Harsh language, I know.

But if there’s one place, in which a massage healer is justified in getting bitchy… It’s in the case of admitting you have an injury.

Try telling an addicted runner they have bone spurs…. And to stop running.

Try getting thru to the executive who just had a motorcycle accident about how he must rest and *not move* when he’s got 3 conferences booked in 3 weeks.

It’s been my experience that sometimes there’s no getting thru.

Sometimes you just won’t stop until the injury gets too grave for you to keep going on with your life without accommodating for the injury or illness you’re rockin’.


Stop trying to work through your pain and acknowledge your pain’s message; how loud is it yelling at you?

Do you need a break?

Do you need a massage?

Do you need a doctor?

Do you need deeper check on a persistent problem?

Guess what? I’m the professional asshole who’s gonna say “yeah. Yeah dude. Get your ass in bed, in treatment or book that appointment with the neurologist or dermatologist to get “it” checked out.”

Am I perfect in this department? Of course I am I never make mistakes.

JK. Yes I very much do.

So learn from my mistakes. Learn from your own! And when you have pain (including emotional pain) stop* and listen to it.

Wait. And heed your pain’s message.

Stress relief massage

Last week was brutal.

My heart aches, my weariness seems to go all the way down to my soul.

It seems trite to say massage will help in times of great stress. Especially when it’s just in writing that I’m trying to tell you about an experience of being held on a massage table and getting that care; that care which seems to touch that ache in the soul… And relieve it.

People have told me since before I graduated from massage school: horror stories of going into a massage with great expectations only to be misunderstood, given too much pressure, not gotten work on the place you asked for, been injured, talked at so much you couldn’t relax, or (what I think is probably the worst) being come on to or given inappropriate intimate touch.

If you, dear reader, have experienced any of these, on behalf of my entire industry: I am truly truly sorry.

I can only promise that after 20 years of massage practice, I know these things happen and I will not make you suffer them at my table.

Getting a massage is an intimate professional experience that should be mentally and emotionally comforting.

There’s so much pain in the world. My own life isn’t perfect all the time and I hurt as well. I know how important it is to get care from someone I can trust to make it about me when I’m on their table.

I can only offer a promise to be there for you; to listen and protect you while you’re in my care. I will empower you to direct me and to tell me to stop when you need me to at any time for any reason. And I will always honor your feelings when painful stuff or sensitive emotions bubble to the surface.

The session is for healing. The sessions are for you to unwind and get what you need to make you feel better.

I am deeply committed to giving you the best care.

You deserve that from your massage therapist.

My new massage space in Maple Leaf

A client yesterday was saying this covid thing seems to have entered an attrition phase. It might not kill you but it might just grind and grind and grind you down till there’s nothing but a sad little stress-ball that’s left of you.


What a happy post this is already… 😂

Let’s turn this around: MY NEW OFFICE!

It’s so beautiful! My new neighbors are all healers and they all have the best vibe.

The building is full of air filters and has a mask requirement. Everyone keeps to the code. Must follow the code 😊🙏

I have an air filter blasting in my little corner office on the 3rd floor. And as always; my housekeeping and sanitizing protocols are top notch.

Is it safe? 😟

It’s definitely as safe as we can make it.

So if you’re on the fence about getting some work from me, this information might help. I take your health and safety seriously and so does everyone in my building.

Don’t let the covid world grind you down. If this is a war of attrition, then make sure that you* win it with excellent self-care. Get the bodywork you need to de-stress and unwind your tight body parts.

I’m here to help 💜

Welcome to your body…

Welcome to your body

Hello there.

I’d like to invite you to have a deeper relationship with your body. If you’re healthy or mostly healthy, and don’t have too many chronic movement issues, I’m glad. If you are coming in for a tune-up, and want to relieve the daily and weekly stresses of life, great. If you want to establish an ongoing relationship to deal with chronic health problems, I’m here for you.
After you schedule your first visit, and we find out that we have a good working chemistry, I hope we develop the type of relationship that leads to greater wellness for you.

The truth is this – you decide if you’re going to heal or not. When you listen to your body, it tells you what it needs and what will help to heal it. Our bodies are wise that way. Only you know the best path for you.

I’m here to help you and make your healing path work for you, but make no mistake, I won’t provide you with a way to escape. I do promise to provide comfort and expertise in body care as you heal yourself with my massage service. Being present and aware in our bodies can be one of the vital joys of life.

When we honor our bodies through connecting with healers, we are able to do the things we want to – without stress and with a centered sense of self that we can feel in the core of our beings.