About Sierra

I was born in Alaska, in October of 1979. Since I was 11 years old, I’ve been obsessed with healing work for the body. My practicing inspiration (and mentor), Dr. Robert Herbst, D.C., showed me the way of a true healer that year by taking my downhill skier’s injured and constantly aching spine into a glorious state of zero pain in a matter of weeks. I fully experienced what healers did to our human bodies by having my own body healed. It was a life altering experience. There was no turning back.
I’ve been a licensed massage therapist, and in practice since 2001. Having worked for chiropractors, spas, medical massage treatment clinics, and myself, I possess a vast base of experience to care for my clients. For a time, I specialized in deep tissue massage, which set me on a path to help many clients with chronic injuries that needed this type of healing touch. Honing and deepening my skill set by taking a 250-hour course in cranio-sacral bodywork methods in 2007, I went from the deep tissue queen and transformed my work from deep to light to every type of healing touch. Now, I can soothe you with the slightest touch, or the deepest treatment – and every depth of touch in between, as a way to tap into your body’s own ability to heal itself.
I’ve helped clients avoid injury, overcome and lessen chronic pain, get further along the path in recovering from surgery, and deal with depression and emotional fallout from the difficulties of life.
My mastery of massage, physical and emotional self-care, and personal resourcing for optimal healing has made me one of the most effective bodyworkers in the city of Seattle and the Puget Sound region.
With my background and continued interest in the healing arts, I’m always looking for new ways to provide a better service to my clients. Using cranio-sacral bodywork, following ethical behavior in treating trauma and deep emotional release, and following safety protocols for emotional healing, I bring all facets of my experience and education to each client and we work together as partners in their healing journey.
The focus of my current practice centers on the deep physical and emotional healing of injuries and problems that keep my clients from realizing their full physical and emotional freedom.
Past focus niches have included providing physical balance doing deep tissue injury treatment specialist as “True Balance Massage.” As “Massage Freek” I catered to the alternative lifestyles of Seattle’s Kink, BDSM, and Pan-Sexual subcultures – providing members of these communities with a safe place to receive the body care they needed without questions or judgements. In later incarnations I worked as a specialist in groin, pelvic, and hip injury treatments.
As a seasoned massage practitioner and bodyworker, the healing arts that call to me now are the painful-emotion/physical connection type of work. It’s my passion to create and provide safe spaces for people to process and release emotional pain that lives deep in their bodies and so often comes with physical distress. Massage is an intimate form of healing, and whether or not you desire that safe place, I’ll always provide you with the care and attention you need to receive the kind of massage you want from a given treatment.